Learning through Music at Scallywags Nursery & After School Club

At Scallywags, we place great value on learning through music. We do this by creating and delivering interactive music sessions for our children. The benefits that our music sessions bring are not just based around the pleasure and fun of participating and making music.

Music Play Time at Scallywags is a very special feature of the curriculum. Laying down not only solid musical foundations and a love of music but also developing the whole person through skills associated with music making.

Many social skills are developed through music, these include concentration, coordination, language, confidence, listening and creativity.

Learning through music 5

All staff have been trained to lead the music sessions under the guidance of Mary Paul who has been at Scallywags for the full 22 years and was director of Music Play Time in Sheffield. Together, Mary and practitioners deliver the lessons. Everyday the children participate in a structured music session.

Each child is equipped with a Percussion kit of instruments comprising of Tambourine, Bells and a Maraca for babies. Tambourine, Bells, Maraca, Claves (sticks) and a Triangle for toddlers and Pre-School. Pre-school children also have a Glockenspiel each. Other instruments include Cymbals, Drums and Castanets.

Learning through music 6

Besides being fun, the structured activities equip the children with basic musical skills and an understanding of the language of music and musical concepts. They experience the joy of working harmoniously with others through play, singing and movement, to both recorded music and on the piano.

They become familiar with colours, numbers, language, following instructions, sound discrimination and the environment.

All of the children develop a positive attitude towards music making and learning in general.

If you want to learn more about the music sessions we run at Scallwags and the benefits they can bring to your child please call us on 0114 258 2283.