Why Scallywags Nursery as an early provider carry Babies and Children in Slings

Scallywags Nursery understands the importance of building positive relationships and strong attachments. Holding a child is essential to their physical, psychological and neurological development and has many positive effects. This is why we carry children in slings at Scallywags.

We are in an area of Sheffield where the use of slings is actively promoted and encouraged. The parents that use the Nursery are big advocates of using slings, for the positive benefits that they bring.

These benefits are:

[1] Provides security and attachment

[2] Replicates routines at home and provides continuity and familiarity

[3] Encourages bonding with our care providers

[4] They can assist with sleep routines

[5] Soothes, comforts and settles babies and children

[6] The sling gives care providers hands free flexibility

[7] Flexibility around day trips and long walks

slings 2

As well as the benefits, it’s important to point out that all the practitioners at Scallywags Nursery are trained by the Sheffield Sling Surgery. This is so they fully understand sling safety, how to operate the sling and to feel confident and happy utilising this in a childcare setting. It is compulsory before any practitioner is able to operate any sling with a child that they are fully trained and confident.

Slings 3

We adhere to a strict policy when it comes to sling procedure and parents must sign a consent form to allow their child to be carried in a sling. To find out more about our procedure, you can click this link.

We as a Nursery have completely embraced the joys of carrying young children in slings. It has helped children settle and brought the children and practitioners closer together, building a strong bond between keyworker and child.

If you want to learn more about our slings policy that we run at Scallwags and the benefits they can bring to your child please call us on 0114 258 2283.