Our Qualified Practitioners Enhance Early Years Learning

At Scallywags Nursery we know that higher qualified practitioners can add a great deal more value to our workforce and setting. All our practitioners are qualified to level 3 or higher. Some practitioners are degree level, foundation degree level, early years teacher and qualified teacher status.

This can open up plenty of mentoring, sharing best practice and keeping a high standard of provision within our establishment, which reflects on the level of learning and care your child will receive at Scallywags.

Qualified Practitioners 2

We have 5 practitioners qualified to a higher level & 2 working towards their degrees. Vicky and Jade (above) are examples of Scallywags commitment to gaining further qualifications. Vicky contributes to the children’s transition into school working alongside the pre-school practitioners and parents to have the children school ready. Jade is fantastic support all children’s needs and is an inspiration to fellow practitioners to achieve a higher qualification.

We also encourage and support our current practitioners to train further with our support. Its mandatory at Scallywags nursery that all practitioners must complete first aid, safeguarding and food hygiene every 3 years to keep our standards at the highest.

The education authorities also agree with that sentiment. Cathy Nutbrown released her views on having a graduate workforce in the Nutbrown Review in 2012, stating “Research has shown the huge positive impacts of graduate leadership on areas of child development such as early literacy and social development.”

A report conducted by Education Scotland also found that higher qualified practitioners will make a positive difference to children’s learning. They found that the best settings for children’s experiences were those that had a range of staff with relevant higher level qualifications.

The report found that:

[1] The impact on the quality of children’s experiences was less when staff had not taken high level qualifications or training

[2] The BA Childhood Practice Award is beginning to show a positive impact on children’s learning in early years.

[3] A teacher with a background in early years methodology tends to make a positive difference to children’s learning.

We are always striving to offer the best environment for our children at Scallywags Nursery and our commitment to staff qualifications and training ensure that we achieve that goal.