Scallywags Nursery embraces a variety of activities for children that definitely have the WOW Factor

WOW’s for under 2’s


We have a qualified baby yoga co-ordinator for the under 2’s. We feel it is very important for all children, including young babies to be able to express themselves. Our babies love the quiet time, the stretching and the physical activity of learning some basic yoga moves with our staff and discovering what their bodies can do. A definite Wow factor.

So when you come to pick up your child or just to visit, you may walk into a room with lots of bums in the air. Please don’t be alarmed, it’s only our baby yoga class! You may even want to join in!

WOW’s for under 2-3 year olds


Jabadao is free dancing with the use of props such as lycra and ribbons, and it:

  • is about finding how to be very comfortable in our own skin
  • is spontaneous, improvised, created in the moment
  • is about the feeling of movement, the feeling of being me
  • follows sensation, instinct and image – interweaving with thought
  • supports the human need to move in ways for which our physiology has developed delights in exuberance and playfulness
  • is created and re-created, as a collective endeavour, by those involved
  • focuses on relationships rather than product
  • is about improvisation rather than rehearsed pieces

WOW’s for pre-school


We have a dedicated Spanish teacher Elli in our Sunflower’s room who teaches pre-school aged children. Children will cover basic phrases, topics and singing. Spanish is twice a week for 20-30minutes. Children are active through the session singing, dancing and moving around the room. Learning Spanish through play and fun.


Once your Sunflower has flowered, and is ready to go to school, we hold a graduation. Graduation is held at the Salvation Army Citadel on Psalter Lane in July and you are encouraged to bring your extended family with you. This is to celebrate the children’s final few weeks at Scallywags. The children sing songs and enjoy a mini party. All the children will receive certificates and awards.


WOW Factors for the whole Nursery

Music Playtime

At Scallywags, we place great value on learning through music. We do this by creating and delivering interactive music sessions for our children. The benefits that our music sessions bring are not just based around the pleasure and fun of participating and making music.

Music Play Time at Scallywags is a very special feature of the curriculum. Laying down not only solid musical foundations and a love of music but also developing the whole person through skills associated with music making.

Story Sacks

Our children love using story sacks in nursery time and being able to take them home to show off to their family. We have a selection of story sacks to choose from which all contain a book, puppets, other props, games, a scrapbook and some of them contain music CDs.

This activity is great at promoting all seven areas of learning; communication & language by the children listening to and speaking about the stories, emotional & social by sharing and listening to others, physical development by mastering the use of the puppets and props, literacy by positively displaying illustrations and word formation, mathematics by having a game linked to the themed story, understanding the world by introducing CDs and small world objects and lastly, expressive art & design as every sack containing a scrapbook & pencils.

Christmas Sing Along

Families are invited to socialise at Christmas after joining in with the children in their Christmas sing-alongs.

The children work very hard up to Christmas rehearsing for the event and will perform songs from all different cultural celebrations that occur at this time of the year.

So if you are looking for a Nursery that goes the extra mile and really offers the WOW factor, then Scallywags is for you.