Looking at Sensory Play Benefits

Looking at Sensory Play Benefits and how they can help your child develop
So, what are the sensory play benefits that can aid your childs development? Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. However there are 2 more sensory stimulations that we commonly overlook. These […]

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Our Qualified Practitioners Enhance Early Years Learning

Our Qualified Practitioners Enhance Early Years Learning
At Scallywags Nursery we know that higher qualified practitioners can add a great deal more value to our workforce and setting. All our practitioners are qualified to level 3 or higher. Some practitioners are degree level, foundation degree level, early years teacher and qualified teacher status.

This can open up […]

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Scallywags Holiday Club Starts on Monday 24th July

Scallywags Holiday Club Starts on Monday 24th July 2017
Could all parents please note that Scallywags Holiday Club starts this year on Monday 24th July. We have six weeks of fun packed activities for all school children to enjoy (up to 12yo). Throughout the Summer we will have weekly activities based on different themes, so there is plenty […]

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Are you eligible for the Extended 30 Hours?

Are you eligible for the Extended 30 Hours?
Scallywags Nursery are taking applications for the extended 30 hours for your child. The first step in applying is to check that you are eligible. The eligibility criteria must be met by both parents/carers in a couple, or by the lone parent in a single parent family.
Are you […]

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The Benefits of Risky Play in Early Learning

The Benefits of Risky Play in the Early Learning Environment
Scallywags welcome and promote risky play in the early years settings. This is because there are many benefits to young children exploring and learning about the world they live in. Being allowed to explore dangerous situations such as climbing trees for example, gives the child the […]

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Why Scallywags Nursery carries Babies in Slings

Why Scallywags Nursery as an early provider carry Babies and Children in Slings
Scallywags Nursery understands the importance of building positive relationships and strong attachments. Holding a child is essential to their physical, psychological and neurological development and has many positive effects. This is why we carry children in slings at Scallywags.

We are in an area […]

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Learning through Music at Scallywags Nursery & After School Club

Learning through Music at Scallywags Nursery & After School Club
At Scallywags, we place great value on learning through music. We do this by creating and delivering interactive music sessions for our children. The benefits that our music sessions bring are not just based around the pleasure and fun of participating and making music.

Music Play Time […]

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Parent’s evening

Please remember to book a time to see your child’s key worker at the parent’s evening on Wednesday, November 16th

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Nursery Education Funding for 2 year olds.

Scallywags is in a privileged position to be able to offer free nursery places to 2 year olds where the family fits the criteria below.

From April 2014 the referral method and criteria for 2 Year FEL is changing:

For the first time parents can self-refer or Scallywags management will do this with you.

All referrals […]

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30 hours of funded childcare for working families.

30 hours funded childcare for 3&4 year olds of working parents begins nationwide in Seotember 2017.


both parents must be working at least 16 hours each in order to qualify for the extra 15 hours funding. A single parent must be working 16 hours +. If a parent is on maternity leave the child will also […]

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