Important Notices for May

Graduation Ceremony

This year’s graduation ceremony is on Friday 21st July at 2pm. All school leavers are welcome to attend alongside family and friends. Venue tbc and letters will be going out at the end of May to allocate number of seats and child’s attendance.

School leavers

Children that are leaving for school this year must give nursery 4 weeks’ notice of their leaving date. If children are intending on staying on during the month of September please inform Stacey ASAP or we will take it as your leaving date will be 1st September.

Toys from Home

Please can you refrain from bringing toys in from home. It is not practitioner’s reasonability to keep track of children’s toys brought in from home. If items are lost we will do our utmost to search for them but not to replace lost items. Toys from home can cause upset between children and cause unnecessary arguments.

Transition workshop – Saturday 13th May 9.30 – 12.30

We are inviting parents of children that will be leaving for school this September 2017 & 2018 to attend the Saturday workshop based on school readiness and the transition process.
The workshop will cover…What does it mean by ‘School Ready’? What parents need to know, how to apply for schools and when. Ann Doney, teacher at Hunters Bar Infants, will be guest speaker.

Photograph Returns
Please return your orders to nursery by the 11th May or complete the online order form to purchase your child’s photos. All photographs will be returned to nursery 2 weeks after return date.

Nappies – New Policy

Nappies will be provided in nursery for children aged 0-3years old. Nappies will be provided for those children 3+ if there is a special requirement please see Stacey/Vicky. Children will need to provide a bag with nappies, wipes, cotton wool and cream for the week/day. This will take effect from the 1st June.

Craft pockets

Please empty your child’s craft pocket on a regular basis. Staff will empty all children’s pockets at the end of every large term and recycle what we can. Snowdrops children’s craft pockets are situated down the corridor in Snowdrops, Buttercups children’s are situated in the creative room and Sunflowers children are on entrance to Sunflowers unit.

Admin Manager

Our nursery admin manager, Helen, has now returned from maternity leave. Helen will be working Mondays and Fridays. If you have a query regarding your invoice, please see or email Helen on the days she is available.

Pram shed

Please fold down all prams if you are storing them in the pram shed to make more room for others.

Childcare Choices

For any advice or support please see the email below,

This website will help inform you of the new 30 hour funding, 15 hour funding at 2year – 4years and the childcare voucher / tax free account scheme.


We have a policy now in place for staff that babysit in the evenings and weekends. The policy will be emailed out to parents and you can find it on the nursery website.

Shoe covers

The blue shoe covers must be worn in Snowdrops at drop off and collection of your child/ren or remove footwear. This is for hygiene purposes.


If you have opted not to have nursery suncream, please provide your child with a full bottle of suncream for the year. It must be labeled and not a bottle from a previous year.

Parents that have opted to use nursery suncream have been invoiced for this in Mays invoice.

Fun day

Scallywags annual summer fun day is on the 18th June, starting at 11am-2pm.

Running late

If you are running late for collection, please contact nursery before 6pm to inform us of your lateness. A late charge will be invoiced. (£5 for every 10 minutes after 6pm)

Label clothing

Please can you label all children’s clothing, especially shoes, coats and slippers.

Door handles

We have new door handles on the entrance to Sunflowers unit and on the entrance to Buttercups unit. Please take care when opening and closing the doors.

Voucher set up date

Please could you contact your childcare voucher company and request your vouchers be paid to Scallywags Nursery on the 28th or 1st of each month to coincide with the direct debit payment. All voucher payments must be paid for the month ahead. A late fee will be charged from July’s fees.

May holiday club                                                                                                                                   We are now taking bookings for the May Bank holiday club 29th May. Please book through the website ( or drop me an email.

Recommend a friend 
Recommend a friend and you will receive a £20 gift card for Mothercare/Early Learning centre. Please make sure that Stacey knows when you have recommended us to a friend. If you have been recommended by a fellow Scallywags parent, please let Stacey know and she will present them with a voucher.

Sheffield slings surgery                                                                                                                         First Tuesday of every month: Scallywags works in partnership with Bex from the Sheffield Slings surgery. She will be giving demonstrations and peer support for parents/carers on all the different types of slings and wraps. This will continue running during the summer holiday.