Play is basic for childrens wellbeing and is their way to discover the world around them. Play for children is not just recreation – it is their approach to life and should be respected.

We provide a lot of open ended play equipment for the children to explore and investigate. The children themselves determine what to do, how to do it and what to use. Their play is unrestricted and there is no fear of doing it ‘wrong’ since there is no ‘correct’ method or outcome.

We encourage risk taking during playtime. Research and studies have shown that children are unlikely to be hurt through risky play due to the children having an understanding of their own capabilities. Some parents can be over protective and not see the real benefit and self development that this type of play can bring to their childrens wellbeing.

It allows the children to learn about the world around them whilst making their own decisions about their own safety. Risky play supports children in testing their limits, exploring their boundaries and keeping themselves safe.

We have outlined a few of our more specific activities that the children can participate in throughout their week.

The activities presented are quite specific and maybe a little bit different. These are not ALL of the activities – there are a lot more obvious activities too.