Buttercups and Sunflowers

Our large garden is reached by going through the jungle walk and is situated at the back of the nursery. There is an outdoor toilet block for the children’s¬†convenience and rainy day wear and umberellas so that they can enjoy outdoor play come rain or shine.

The area has been specifically designed to provide fun learning opportunities. Imaginative open and covered play equipment allows the children to enjoy outdoor play in most weathers and provides special little places for them.

The large grassy area provides a physical space with climbing equipment and wobbly tyres.

We have a large, sheltered sand pit that the children can climb into and opportunities for water play.

The gardening area is full of activity throughout the year and we grow and eat some of our own fruit and vegetables. as well as study the wildlife that inhabits the area using a magnifying glass.

A large, undercover role play area which changes in character, depending on the interests of the children and a cosy summer house to relax and look at a book.


The babies and toddlers have a separate garden to the older children and have 2 sets of French doors leading out to it from their rooms, giving them easy and independent access to outdoors.

All areas of the curriculum are covered outside and it is a lovely space to introduce the children to the natural world. We also have some under cover areas to protect us from the elements and allowing us to use the area most of the time.