FAQ when requesting a child visit

What are the ratios of staff to children in each age group?

How do you settle new children into nursery from home?

What is included in my nursery fee?

Will my child have a key worker?

What will be his/her key workers responsibilities for my child in particular?

How do you incorporate my child’s routine from home at nursery?

Are there any extracurricular activities?

Are staff paediatric first aid trained?

How do you promote healthy eating?

Can the children access outdoor play regularly?

What is your behaviour policy and how would you discipline negative behaviour?

What is your policy on children’s sickness?

How do you keep the children safe when they’re in your care?

What is your turn over of staff?

How do you get the children ready for school?

How do you manage toilet/potty training?

Do you offer any discounts i.e. sibling or work place?