Once children have left Scallywags or other nurseries for BIG school, you will start wondering what they and you are going to do during the 13 weeks that they are not in school.

Who will take care of them while I’m at work? What will they be doing? I can’t take 13 weeks off work in a year!!

Many holiday clubs cater to a wide age range leaving many children bewildered by their experience. At Scallywags we aim to create a small, intimate group for the holiday club. Holiday clubs situated on the top floor of Scallywags, holiday clubbers can use the outside facilities as well as going on may trips to the woods, park, bowling, museums and the cinema.

Holiday club caters for children aged 4 (must have started school) to 12 years old.holiday clubs

There is a maximum of 16 that can attend the club at any one time.

The activities can be tailored to a more specific age group.

The unit offers a more homely environment than some of the larger holiday clubs in unknown places.

The staff all hold a qualification specific to caring for children aged 0-12 years and one member of staff holds the playworker qualification which underpins the play and experiences expected of school aged children.

You can receive a discount if booking 9 or more full weeks in holiday club at the beginning of the year. Now is the time to do it!!