Outside Play – Scallwags Nursery and Pre-School

Outside Play
Kids just want to have fun; and outside play offers that in spadefulls (literally when you have a sand pit). They love to emulate and copy the big people. Activities range from building things, play fighting, hide and seek, water fights, games and sports – they all appeal to their natural learning and exploration […]

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The Unique Child

The Unique Child… Every child is unique and special
Scallywags Nursery would like to share with you the ways in which we cater for the unique child. We believe every child and family unit is unique and we work to cater for everyone in the ways they need.

On your first visit to Scallywags Nursery, we like […]

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Keeping Our Children Safe Online (0 to 12 Years)

Keeping Our Children Safe Online
With the help from Sheffield Safeguarding Children’s Board (SSCB), NSPCC and Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), we have created this blog about how you can keep your family and children safe online.

It may seem silly to be talking about online safety for children under 5, however the continual growth and […]

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Tapestry – Online Learning Journeys

Tapestry – Online Learning Journeys
At Scallywags Nursery we use an online learning system called Tapestry to record and store all observations and assessments relating to each child. This is a safe and secure system and one that enables parents and carers to access their child’s Learning Journey at any time.

They can share it with their […]

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Nutritional Nursery Meals at Scallywags

We are committed to serving nutritional nursery meals at Scallywags Nursery
Scallywags Nursery would like to share with you our views on nutritional nursery meals. We aim to offer some information on what children should be eating and how much, as well as what types of food we provide within our nursery day.

Scallywags nursery have recently […]

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Supporting Children Around the World

Supporting Children Around the World
Scallywags nursery would like to share with you their help and continuing support of 3 young girls around the world. Our sponsorships have focussed on girls as they are significantly more disadvantaged in developing countries.

Riziki is our oldest child and we have sponsored her since she was 3, she is now […]

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Scallywags Nursery Definitely has the WOW Factor

Scallywags Nursery embraces a variety of activities for children that definitely have the WOW Factor
WOW’s for under 2’s
We have a qualified baby yoga co-ordinator for the under 2’s. We feel it is very important for all children, including young babies to be able to express themselves. Our babies love the quiet time, the stretching and […]

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Looking at Sensory Play Benefits

Looking at Sensory Play Benefits and how they can help your child develop
So, what are the sensory play benefits that can aid your childs development? Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. However there are 2 more sensory stimulations that we commonly overlook. These […]

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Our Qualified Practitioners Enhance Early Years Learning

Our Qualified Practitioners Enhance Early Years Learning
At Scallywags Nursery we know that higher qualified practitioners can add a great deal more value to our workforce and setting. All our practitioners are qualified to level 3 or higher. Some practitioners are degree level, foundation degree level, early years teacher and qualified teacher status.

This can open up […]

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Scallywags Holiday Club Starts on Monday 24th July

Scallywags Holiday Club Starts on Monday 24th July 2017
Could all parents please note that Scallywags Holiday Club starts this year on Monday 24th July. We have six weeks of fun packed activities for all school children to enjoy (up to 12yo). Throughout the Summer we will have weekly activities based on different themes, so there is plenty […]

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