We have a complaints procedure at Scallywags, so if you meet with any problems whilst using the services at Scallywags we encourage you to bring them to the attention of the Team Leader. If you feel unable to discuss the matter with the Team Leader, or the matter remains unresolved or re-occurs, please speak to our Manager, Stacey Fenwick.

For further information please see our complaints procedure below. This is also available to view in our policy handbook located in the entrance to the Nursery.

Regular questionnaires are sent out to parents/children.

All comments and suggestions are useful in our on going development and are therefore willingly accepted.

The first line of communication for any parent is with their child’s key worker, who will be happy to discuss any issue regarding your child’s day with us.

If you feel the issue is more relevant to a more senior person please speak with your team leader.

The Manager is:

Nursery Manager – Stacey Fenwick

Deputy Manager – Vicky Shaw

The Owner/Registered Person is: Julia Campbell

If you feel the matter is urgent then please speak to a senior member of staff immediately, otherwise you can make an appointment with your team leader and the nursery manager. This will ensure we can give the matter our full attention and address your concerns constructively.

All complaints are taken as a serious concern and the Manager or relevant person such as the Child Protection Officer will respond within 24 hours by meeting the person or calling them.

This will be documented and then our complaints procedure followed as to the severity of the complaint.

All complaints are recorded and kept in the office

If after voicing your concerns, you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you are encouraged to contact:

Ofsted – Early Years

Royal Exchange Buildings

St Ann’s Square


M2 7LA

Tel: 0300 1231231

Email: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk

Withdrawal / Cancellation

Your child’s place at Scallywags can be cancelled at anytime upon receipt of written notice at least 4 weeks prior to the leaving date. We are unable to accept cancellation verbally. Notice of cancellation will only be accepted if the family’s account is up to date.