Keeping the Kids entertained during Coronavirus

If you’re finding crayons in places you never thought you would or you’ve seen Frozen that many times you now know all of the words, we’ve put together some inspiration for activities to keep the kids entertained during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Keep Moving

Whether it’s getting their hat and coat on (because of course it’s April and it’s still cold) and playing outside or starting the morning with Joe Wicks P.E lessons, try keeping your kids energised and moving.

Going on family walks is a great way to get you out of the house too, and you could liven them up by seeing how many birds you can spot or taking a piece of paper and crayons to do bark or leaf rubbings.

Cooking / Baking

Family mealtimes just got fun for the kids, have them help with food prep or adding ingredients to pans or even get them involved with some baking!

If you’re struggling with meal ideas or your pantry is feeling a little dry on ingredients, try downloading the app Supercook. All you have to do is enter the ingredients you have, for either baking or cooking, and it gives you a range of recipes for you to try

Added Bonus – Try setting up your own café. Have the kids make menus, put on an apron and take your order for snacks and drinks!

Virtual Play Dates

Facetime or Skype Call with your children’s friends – most children don’t like to chat on demand so perhaps arrange a fun activity they can all do together on the hang-out

Hunt for Treasure

Make up riddles and clues and hide treasure around the house as an activity for them. The treasure could be their favourite sweet treat or a new game to play!

Join a Live story time

Oliver Jeffers hosts a stay at home story time every weeknight over on his Instagram.

If you’ve exhausted your best character voices, he’s your man!

Write a letter to the Grandparents

Encourage the kids to write a letter to their grandparents as a way of staying in touch – it’s also a good way of encouraging them to practice their handwriting and spelling too!

Then you can have them read it over the phone or post it to them as a nice surprise.

If your child can’t write yet and you have the means to post a letter, why not have them draw a picture to send to them instead!

We understand peeling them away from their screens could be difficult, so try offering to join in with the above activities. We hope this is all over soon, but at least we have one good thing come out of this all, quality family time spent together!