Our website provides you with detailed information; who will care for your children, where they will be cared for, what foods and snacks are available and what variety of activities they will take part in during the day. Activities include Music, Yoga, Jabadao and Spanish lessons plus much more. Each of our three units plan for trips out of the setting too, which are great fun!


Babes and toddlers


Older toddlers



Areas Covered

It is not only children from the local area that attend Scallywags.
We are set between 2 main routes into the city centre from the South of Sheffield.

Settling your Child

A few weeks before your child is due to start at Scallywags you will be invited to help your child settle in by visiting the nursery with them.

Once you and your child are happy then you can leave them for a short time. This allows you and your child to build confidence in your new surroundings and the staff, and you will become acquainted with the staff that will be caring for your child.

Next Steps

If you have chosen Scallywags as the right nursery for you and your child then you can call the Manager on or complete the on-line request form.

Once you have submitted the form, the manager will acknowledge your request and email you back with a relevant response and documentation.


0114 2582283

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Snowdrops care for our babies and toddlers. The unit consists of three rooms and a private garden area which all boast a dedication to continuous provision and free-flow. The unit boasts two sets of french doors on to the large decking and garden area. The Space also contains a sensory area, a separate sleep room and it’s own changing room and kitchen.

The practitioners ensure that there are small structured group times for both babies and toddlers.

The babies under 1 year are encouraged to engage in tummy-time and develop the core strength needed for crawling and cognitive development. This is also promoted in the baby yoga sessions where babies are placed on their tummy’s to investigate ribbons, scarves and other sensory materials.

Children over the age of 1 year are encouraged to develop their hand to eye co-ordination through messy play and construction activities. The older children also enjoy story-based yoga sessions, where they go on ‘jungle adventures’ or ‘under the sea experiences ’ where they find various animals and model the appropriate yoga asana.

Babies and Toddlers

All of the children enjoy developing their communication and language skills through age-appropriate story sacks and music playtime sessions. The children also gain so much from being on the same level as their nursery carers and communicating through sounds, eye contact and body language.


Buttercups unit caters for children who are ready to explore a new environment and progress towards their next milestones. A new adventure starts here.

Buttercups children have access to the continuous provision set up in four bright airy rooms that allow the children to free flow and gain access to all resources. This allows the children to choose from a variety of activities at any one time.

During the majority of the day, the children are divided into 2 smaller groups where they can access the outside area, join in focussed activities, bake and explore at their own leisure.

Buttercups has its own bathroom with changing facilities and two options of toileting e.g. mini toilets or potties.

It is advisable for parents to begin toilet training their child when they are ready or sometime between their 2nd and 3rd birthday. It is expected that children will be toilet trained prior to moving into pre-school but it is not essential. Staff are always willing to help and offer advice if needed. Scallywags has some information leaflets regarding this process and toilet training packs for rent if required.

Our all-weather garden area is of easy access to the children, the children venture out in all weathers to explore the element and have fun. The garden area is staffed constantly so that children can choose whether to play outside or inside.


Sunflowers nurture young children on their final journey towards school readiness.

Sunflowers is led by a team of highly qualified practitioners.

Children move to Sunflowers at around 3 years old and the transitions take place at various times of the year.

Sunflowers unit covers the whole of the second floor of Scallywags. Its open plan layout is fantastic for the children to explore and free-flow at their own leisure. Accessing all the seven areas of learning independently. Sunflowers unit has its own bathroom which is freely accessible throughout the day. Sunflowers also have easy access to our all-weather garden area which is staffed constantly so that children can choose whether to play outside or inside.

In this group, the children can free flow between their areas and outside as all areas are staffed. This allows the children to choose from a variety of activities at any one time. The music session with Mary is in the room upstairs and the children visit that room for their music sessions and more structured pre-school group time.

Who will take care of them while I’m at work? What will they be doing? I can’t take 13 weeks off work in a year!!

Many holiday clubs cater to a wide age range leaving many children bewildered by their experience. At Scallywags we aim to create a small, intimate group for the holiday club. The Holiday club is situated on the top floor of Scallywags. Holiday clubbers can use the outside facilities as well as going on may trip to the woods, park, bowling, museums and the cinema.

The Holiday club caters for children aged 4 (must have started school) to 8 years old.

The activities can be tailored to a more specific age group and offer a homely environment.

The staff all hold a qualification specific to caring for children aged 0-8 years and one member of staff holds the play-worker qualification which underpins the play and experiences expected of school-aged children.