Benefits of Baby Yoga for Mum and Baby

If yoga is beneficial for adults, why wouldn’t it be for the little ones?

Babies can perform yoga poses easier than adults, as they are extremely flexible. They are natural yogis!

Baby Yoga promotes physical and psychological development, for both the infant and the parent. It also helps to aid digestion, relieving those symptoms of colic that make the baby uncomfortable and the adult frustrated and impotent.

These are some of the benefits Baby Yoga can bring to you and your baby.

Bedtime routine

Routines are important for babies as doing the same thing each night signals their brains and bodies to switch to sleep mode.

Baby yoga helps babies improve their sleeping patterns in more regular intervals and for longer times, and it encourages sleep during the hours of the night.

Body awareness

Yoga is a great way of connecting with our body.

In the early stages of development, this is particularly important, as it allows babies to have a better understanding of their body and its movements.

Bonding experience

Another main benefit of baby yoga includes creating a deeper emotional connection between a parent and a baby.

Not only that, they get to spend well-being time together, but when a parent touches and embraces their baby, it prompts parental bonds allowing a baby to develop a sense of comfort with them

It focuses on skin-to-skin contact but breathing exercises and stretches can be also included in the routine.

Body development

Baby Yoga creates a balance between strength and flexibility in developing bodies, so they grow to maintain the elasticity they were born with.

Also, babies that practise yoga are often more advanced when it comes to crawling and walking. By locating his centre of gravity, your baby will be steadier when he starts to walk.

Reduces stress for both babies and parents

The sensation of touch also promotes circulation, which gives both the parent and infant feelings of calm and relaxation. Baby Yoga is great for emotional wellbeing.

Aid in digestion for baby

A baby’s digestion can benefit greatly from Yoga exercises and can help them release wind. It eases colic and the intense crying that comes with digestive problems.

Just a gentle cycling movement of the legs can improve their mood, wellbeing, and everyone’s sleep!

Long-term exercise habits for baby

Yoga helps your baby introduce exercise in their routine as they grow, which will also help them to stay healthy and active in the future.

Social experiences in between babies and parents

The benefits of baby yoga are undeniable and provide a perfect setting for you and your baby to socialise with other babies and parents. It allows them to meet other newborns and start to develop their social skills.

Baby yoga is a perfect practice to enjoy with your little ones and it’s great to provide your child with the benefits of a happier disposition.

Also… Post-natal yoga classes can help mums strengthening their pelvic floor, and it’s great for post-baby body tone-up!

What age should your baby start?

The best time to start is probably after the baby is 6 weeks old, once the baby has better neck control to keep them safe in these practices.

Baby Yoga at Scallywags Nursery

Here at Scallywags nursery, we have a qualified baby yoga coordinator for under 2 years old.

All the stretches are achieved with the guidance of an instructor and with the care and supervisor of parents or carers.

Feel free to contact us for any information or if you want to join.