Snowdrops cares for our babies and toddlers. The unit consists of three rooms and a private garden area which all boast a dedication to continuous provision and free-flow. The unit boasts two sets of French doors to the patio and garden area.

The space also contains a sensory area, a separate sleep room and it’s own changing room and kitchen.

The practitioners ensure that there are small structured group times for both babies under 1 year and tBabies and Toddlers 2he toddlers.SWG-E15-2820

The babies under 1 year are encouraged to engage in tummy-time and develop the core strength needed for crawling and cognitive development. This is also promoted in the baby yoga sessions where babies are placed on their tummy’s to investigate ribbons, scarves and other sensory materials.

Children over the age of 1 year are encouraged to develop their hand to eye co-ordination through messy play and construction activities. The older children also enjoy story-based yoga session, where they go on ‘jungle adventures’ or ‘under the sea experiences ’ where they find various animals and model the appropriate yoga asana.

Babies and Toddlers 3All of the children enjoy developing their communication and language skills through age-appropriate story sacks and music playtime sessions. The children also gain so much from being on the same level as their nursery carers and communicating through sounds, eye contact and body language.

The children in Snowdrops unit are very settled and feel safe and secure in the nursery environment with experienced, nurturing practitioners who support their individual needs and help them to accomplish new milestones.

The outdoor play area has a covered play house and a gazebo so there is lots of shelter from the sun. The French doors from the two rooms allow the children to choose when they want to go outside so that they can free flow. Both inside and outside are staffed so that the children can choose their preference as often as possible.Babies and Toddlers 5Babies and Toddlers 4

Local walks through the neighbourhood and to the park are also taken when staffing allows!

All practitioners have had recent sling training by ‘Sheffield slings surgery’, allowing babies at Scallywags to be carried with parents permission.