What are the ratios of staff to children in each age group?

0-2 yrs - 1:3 children

2-3 yrs - 1:4 children

3-5 yrs - 1:8 children

Everything is included in your fee apart from formula, breast milk, bottom/nappy cream and pull up nappies.

Every child is allocated a key worker. This may change if your child develops a better relationship with another member of staff in your child's unit.

Settling visits and creating a care plan with you. The development and progress of your child. Parents evenings. A friendly dedicated person to go to if you would like advice or to talk about your child's development.

Every child has an individual care plan which we follow during the day.

Alongside music sessions, each unit has a specialism to enhance your child's day.

Snowdrops - Baby Yoga - Sunflowers - Buttercups

All staff who have been with us for at least 6 weeks are booked onto level 3 paediatric first aid training.

We encourage healthy eating through offering a varied and balanced diet, all our meals are made from scratch from our fantastic chef. Fruit and veg are offered as part of our snacks and each child has access to their own water bottle.

We have 2 dedicated outside spaces to ensure that all age groups can access outdoor play. We go outside in the morning and afternoon, no matter what the weather. Depending on the weather will depend on how long we spend outside.

We don't automatically send your child home if they have one small case of sickness or diarrhoea, as there are many reasons for young children to have loose nappies or vomit. However if we feel your child may need to seek medical attention we will make an appointment to see a chemist. Please see our infections and sickness policy about specific illnesses.

All our staff are given a safeguarding induction along side completing the sheffield childrens board safeguarding training. We also make sure our daily risk assessments are complete to ensure the children are safe.

When a child is in there last academic year with us, we focus on making your child school ready. This involves building up their social, communication and independence skills. we hold a school readiness workshop for parents to give you more information.

When you feel that your child is ready for toilet / potty training, we work with you to ensure that your routines are still in place at nursery. We have the option of potties for your child to use.

We offer a older child 10% sibling discount, if teh older sibling does not receive any other discount/ offer/ funding. We also offer Aviva employees a 10% discount.