Outside Play – Scallywags Nursery and Pre-School

Outside Play

Kids just want to have fun, and outside play offers that in spadefuls (literally when you have a sandpit). They love to emulate and copy the big people. Activities range from building things, play fighting, hide and seek, water fights, games and sports – they all appeal to their natural learning and exploration instincts.

With no conscious effort; children will develop their …

  • muscle strength
  • control
  • dexterity
  • motor skills
  • and hand-eye coordination.

Muscles need plenty of physical activity and good nutrition to grow healthily. Anyone who has chased after a 3-year-old will understand only too well how much energy they have to burn.

It’s full on … then they drop; sleep; and then off they go again – relentless.

Children benefit most; when you offer them a wide variety of activities. Each activity will develop different muscle sets and challenge the mind too. The combination of running, swimming, swinging, jumping, skating, bike riding plus plenty of fresh air and sunshine (and of course sunscreen) will give your child an amazing environment; leading to a healthier; happier and able little person.

They will also sleep MUCH better when their energy has been left in the garden.

Please make sure that you dress your child appropriately; that matches the weather. The number of children I see in stores in winter that are dressed for a polar experience; yet they are in hot shops – it’s not too surprising that you end up with an unhappy; screaming toddler.

Children thrive on physical challenges. It develops their confidence and persistence. They don’t yet understand the fear of failure. if they did; they would never walk or ride a bike.

Riding bikes and walking relies on the process of failing, learning, adapting, persistence – simply: trying again, and again, and again – until they succeed.

An adult would have given up long before. Riding bikes need encouragement; courage and persistence. Confidence is earned; by not giving in to the fear of failure. Fortunately; your child does not yet know what fear of failure is – they learn it from adults.

A swing provides so many development opportunities – how to hold on, balance, timing, coordination, rhythm and cause and effect. A swing also develops the child’s spatial awareness; get too close to the swing and you will get a boot up the backside.

Outside play allows children to fall over, get up and to try again; a skill which is so invaluable in later life. Small children need to start small and grow their confidence.

Who would have thought all of these benefits arise from simply … Playing Outside.

The secret to outside play is excitement and fun. The toys we provide – bikes, swings, slides, paddling pools, balancing wood, rubber tyres, skates – all deliver the adventure children seek.