The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Reading to your children is very beneficial, even from an early age. From concentration to imagination, reading aloud from a variety of books can help spark an interest in the written word, as well as helping your child develop transferable skills they will use throughout their life. Adding reading into your schedule, perhaps as a bedtime story, can help give your child the best start in their academic life, as well as stimulating an interest in their ever-widening worlds. Having some one-on-one time with your child and reading them a range of poetry and prose will benefit them in numerous ways.

Cognitive Development

Frequent reading to your children will help to kick start their cognitive development – their ability to think and understand. Reading can help develop areas such as information processing, intelligence and memory, just to name a few. It is never too soon to start reading to your children, just start with books with lots of pictures and ensure to point at the words you’re saying, making sure your child understands what is being said. By beginning to expand their vocabulary, bedtime stories can help to gradually develop your child’s knowledge of the world, growing it little by little every day.

Language Skills

Reading aloud to your children can help their language acquisition and literary skills. By speaking slowly and clearly, you can help your child begin to establish the meanings of language and differentiate between the words you are saying. Many children soon find a favourite story, but it is important to switch between the stories you are telling to continue to widen your child’s understanding of language.

By helping to increase your child’s language skills, you are giving them the best preparation for starting school. You can help jumpstart their reading success and put them in the best position at the start, and throughout, their academic career.


Young children and toddlers often struggle sitting still and concentrating. By introducing stories into your routine, it will become a time for your child to relax and focus throughout the whole duration of a book. Toddlers may squirm and get distracted at first, but you will soon notice a change in behaviour as they settle and begin to actively listen. The ability to concentrate will fare your children well when they start school as it is a skill that is best to be developed early on.


Another important skill reading will develop is imagination and your child’s creativity. Widening your child’s world through language allows them to explore place, people, time and events, letting imaginations run wild. As much as concentration is an important skill, creativity will benefit them greatly in later life, as well as increasing their enjoyment of fiction.

Love of Reading

From an early age, a lifelong love of reading can be established. Your children will look forward to hearing you tell stories, taking them to lands near and far away, off on adventures and saving the day. Starting this interest young will encourage your children to read independently when they can, developing their own language skills that will benefit them throughout their academic, work and general lives.

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