5 reasons why music is Important to toddlers and children

5 reasons why music is Important to toddlers and children

As a parent, you want your children to develop physical and emotional skills that can help them in the future. But you also want them to grow up happy and have fun.

Well, music could be the solution!

Extracurricular activities are also important in helping develop a child’s talents, interests, and passions.

There are a lot of benefits of getting musical around your toddlers! We’ve highlighted five of them for you.

Music helps develop coordination

Just like playing sports, music helps children develop their motor skills.

Even if your kids don’t understand the lyrics of a song, they can move to the rhythms of the music. From a very early age, toddlers start differentiating in between songs, and already establishing preferences.

Music encourages children to move, which will help massively in their coordination in the future. If the rhythm is very entertaining, you might notice your toddler moving along with it, which helps their muscle development, strength, and balance.

Music can improve literacy and numeracy

Exposure to music enhances a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words. Although music and maths look very different, they both verse on the study of ratios, fractions, and proportions.

Did you know that we use the same area in our brain – temporal love- for both learning a language and processing the music that we hear?

This means that early exposure to music can make learning a language a little bit easier!

And the benefits of music don’t stop there.

This will continue to show as the little ones start speaking. As they listen, learn, and sing along, children learn new words and familiarise themselves with the rhythm of the language without even realising they are learning.

Music teaches them discipline and patience

Learning how to play an instrument, read a score or sing along the music requires hours of practice and a lot of patience.

But it helps them learn that results require time and effort, and it’s a valuable lesson for the future. They know that to get better and achieve their goals, they need to put in the time.

Music makes them happy

Music is a mood lifter. It can lift their spirit, calm them down and indicate different moments in your child’s daily timetable.

The joy they can get from music can make them happy, and everyone else involved.

Music is an essential part of a child’s life. You want to make sure it affects them in a positive way, and they see it as something positive.

Music is a fantastic way of expression.

Kids can sometimes struggle to express their feelings and emotions through words, and music can be a great way of expression.

It can give children the opportunity to express themselves and unleash their creativity while releasing stress and tension.

Music with Mary

Here at Scallywags, children have their own “Music Play Time” with our specialist Music teacher Mary.

During these sessions, children learn to understand and enjoy music while having fun working together with their peers.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries, or visit our blog to find out more information.