Halloween Sensory Activities

We love Halloween, it gives plenty of inspiration for fun crafts and sensory games for your little ones. Here are 7 Spooktacular Super fun and easy ideas for your toddlers to enjoy this Halloween!

  1. Bobbing for Creepy Crawlies

Fill a bucket with water and throw in some fake creepy crawlies that your toddler can catch – you can them count them together and award prizes.

  1. Paper Plate Pumpkins 

A great alternative to carving a pumpkin for the littles. Use paper plates and orange paint and let them design their own pumpkin plates! These also make cute decorations for years to come.

  1. Eyeball Roll

We love this simple fine motor activity, stick to the wall a cardboard tube (eg a kitchen roll tube) and encourage your toddler to drop an novelty eyeball through.

  1. Musical Mummies

Like musical statues, get the kids dressed up in their favourite Halloween costume and get them dancing to some fun Halloween music. When the music stops, they must “drop dead” to the floor and stay as still as they can.

  1. Witches Brew Sensory Cauldron

Set jelly inside a cauldron with novelty Halloween toys inside, we find toy creepy crawlies work well. Let your toddler have fun rescuing the creatures from the witch’s brew.

  1. Broomstick Race

Channel your inner Harry Potter with this wizarding wonder! Using two brooms split the kids into two teams and see who can fly on a broom fastest from one end of the garden to the other. Add the Halloween costumes or capes for bonus fun!

  1. Fluffy Ghosts

Draw a ghost shape, with a face on a piece of paper, then let your little one stick on cotton wool for a fun fluffy ghost effect. A fun craft activity and a great decoration to hang up.