One of the most difficult moments as a parent is when your child begins nursery. For most, it will be the first time you spend a significant amount of time away from them, and the beginning of their school life and being taught by other adults who are new to them. This can be a challenging transition for all the family and bring difficulties not only to you as a parent but to your child.
From the moment they are born, children are experiencing all kinds of situations that life throws at them. This is a lot of information for them to process and they have to find a way to absorb it and learn how to understand it. This is where imaginative play comes in. What exactly is Imaginative Play? In short, Imaginative Play allows children to use role play to act out a situation they have experienced, watched
If you’re finding crayons in places you never thought you would or you’ve seen Frozen that many times you now know all of the words, we’ve put together some inspiration for activities to keep the kids entertained during the Coronavirus outbreak. Keep Moving Whether it’s getting their hat and coat on (because of course it’s April and it’s still cold) and playing outside or starting the morning with Joe Wicks P.E lessons, try keeping your
In today’s digital world, children are being exposed to the internet from a younger age than ever before. From toys that connect to the internet to games on tablets, young children are getting online. Apps, games and search engines are easily accessible to children who go online to play, connect with friends, make new ones and socialise. The internet allows for children to find out information quickly and easily, but it also comes with its
Buying your baby’s first shoes is an important milestone in their growth. From the ages of around 9 – 18 months, baby’s start to learn to walk. Little feet need proper support and shoes made out of good quality materials to ensure they are continuing to develop in a safe way. Learn here how to get the most out of your baby’s first shoes, to soon have your child running all over the place. The