Reading to your children is very beneficial, even from an early age. From concentration to imagination, reading aloud from a variety of books can help spark an interest in the written word, as well as helping your child develop transferable skills they will use throughout their life. Adding reading into your schedule, perhaps as a bedtime story, can help give your child the best start in their academic life, as well as stimulating an interest
Messy play can be something that we avoid doing at home with our children for fear of the mess, however Messy Play is extremely beneficial for your child. Today, we are going to be looking at the benefits of this activity and how good it is for your child’s development. Curiosity/Imagination Messy play consists of a variety of objects, such as paint, glue, glitter and sand amongst many others. Letting a child play around with
When it comes to introducing healthy food to your children, there’s always a worry that they might not gravitate to trying healthy meals. As a nation, we are not always eating well balanced diets and, as a result, are becoming more overweight. A well-balanced diet, consisting of the food below, can help us to become healthier eaters and recognise what we should consider feeding our children. Below, we’re looking into the types of healthy food
Socialising with other children is a key stage in your toddler’s life. It’s an exciting way of building up new friendships, helps to develop your child’s communication skills, and understand more about how the world works. We’ve put together a guide on when and how socialising your child can be beneficial, and how they can make new friends in the process. When? From birth we require contact with others, initially it is the love and
Weaning is a hugely exciting time for babies as they try new tastes and textures. In the beginning stages, how much your baby takes is less important than getting them used to the idea of eating. Your baby will still be getting most of their nutrition from breast milk or infant formula. When to start Weaning It’s usually recommended to wait until around 6 months before starting to introduce solid foods. This gives your baby